Ingrid Michaelson: What a pleasant surprise! I always liked her songs; the're cute and perky, but Michaelson is a dynamo live! For starters, her music sounds much more rich, her voice a little huskier and full. She sounds fantastic in concert.

But Michaelson had the crowd entertained from start to finish. Although she played for an hour and a half, the show sped by. Michaelson entertained with personal stories and jokes, was kind of self-deprecating and utterly charming. The crowd was laughing like we were at a comedy club and not a concert venue.

Michaelson's hits The Way I Am and Maybe sounded solid, and she encouraged the crowd to sing along. "I want to hear your hearts pour out of your mouths," she screamed.

Perhaps most impressive was an A Capella cover of REM's Night Swimming, for which Michaelson sang into a loop, to create harmony and rhythm. By the end of the song, she was singing with dozens of versions of herself. Beautiful.

Michaelson and her band also sang Britney Spears' Toxic, and finished the song with a hilarious but very cute choreographed dance. It was all in good fun, the dry, tongue-in-cheek variety.

The final song of the evening was the most surprising, and extremely enjoyable. After "hiding" on stage as Michaelson promised, ("Because why play games and say we're playing the last song when you know we'll come back?") the band broke into punk rock la Rancid, and all sang a pumped-up version of The Way I Am. It was punkalicious. Who would've thought you could head-bang to "the sweater song?"

And like that, just like candy, the evening was over yet utterly sweet. And a new fan was born.

Here's Michaelson in NYC a couple weeks ago: comedy and punk, for your pleasure~ (Last night's version was a little harder and speedier, but this video can give you an idea of the greatness.)