I gave a quick shout out to Nick Como at Solitude over the weekend. How much, Buddy? I asked. 1-2 feet on the hill, he answered. Will you move up your opening date? Naw, it looks like they're hanging tough on the Nov. 12 date. Solitude opened the Link Lift for passholders, Oct. 29, last year.

It didn't help that the power went down in Big Cottonwood all day Sunday so the snowmachines took a break.

What? No turns on Halloween? Looks like Utah's taking a pass on those bragging rights. Even Brighton is waiting it out. "We only have about 8 inches and more is coming so Nov. 12 is a safe bet (to open)," said Brighton's Jared Winkler. He did say that they could open earlier (maybe Nov. 6?) if they get at least 24 inches on the ground. "It only takes us a day to set up. Everyone's trained and on standby."

Winter came swiftly to the Wasatch this past weekend with a one-two punch beginning on Saturday that left the mountain resorts covered in white stuff. Hungry riders have already started hiking and skiing Alta. The mountain has traditionally allowed boarders and skiers on the slopes pre-season if they have the thighs for it.

Seasonably cold temperatures are expected throughout the extended forecast, so the new snow is likely to stick around to get our base going.

Here are the announced openings but know that they could change with a snowstorm: