We got enough candy over Halloween. Ask your friends and family to stuff your stockings with some of these sweet selections instead, this holiday season.

Voile Ski Strap

Throw a couple of these stretchy plastic straps into your backpack for the times when you want to A-frame your skis to your pack, secure skins when they've lost their 'stick' or even stabilize a broken leg to your ski poles. You won't get the gooey residue you get from Duct Tape either. $3.50-$5.50 depending on length. voile-usa.com

Tram Bar

Those giant Rice Krispie treats may call to you every time you enter the Tram line at the Bird but don't succumb. Instead, bust out a Tram Bar. These soft chunks of mostly organic ingredients beat out ProBars and ClifBars for taste and texture. Keep a stash in the freezer to last all season. Caz Bars, Tram Bar's cousin is made with dark chocolate, coconut, and spice. $2.75, www.wasatchbagel.com

Zeal Sustain PPX Sunglasses

Your eyes won't know what hit them. The lenses are polarized and photochromic meaning that not only will you cut out glare with these slick shades but there'll be some auto UV adjusting happening in lowlight situations so you can still ski when the sun drops behind a ridge. $150, www.standardoptical.net

CW-X Insulator PerformX Tights

Oh, the promises these compression tights make. Still, it never hurts to have a baselayer that maintains a constant comfortable surface temperature and may (or may not) correct alignment. The technology is supposed to support the IT band, hip flexors and quads as well as stabilize the knees, calves and Achilles, and facilitate circulation to minimize lactic acid build-up. $80, WWW.CANYONSPORTS.COM

Nobis Ms. Rosie

It's a hat; it's a neck gaiter; no, it's a hat! So digging this super soft convertible lid lined with teddy fur that not only looks great on your head, but your neck too. $40, www.skinsee.com/, www.nobis.ca

Burton [AK] Oven Under Mitt GORE-TEX Gloves

Problem with chilled digits? Stuff them into these little ovens of triple goose down and PrimaLoft insulation. Even though they are ridiculously warm, a Hydrofil inner knit wicks away moisture so your hands don't get clammy and cold. $134, www.saltypeaks.com / www.burton.com.