The Salt Lake Acting Company scored a homerun with Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's Boom. Set in a school basement lab (with realistic-looking concrete brick walls, pipes, and locker-esque cabinets) the play literally starts with a bang, or several of them, as Barbara, played by Holly Fowers forcefully strikes a timpani drum.

The premise: Marine biologist Jules (named after Jules Verne and played by SLC's New Works Theatre Machine producing director, David Fetzer) has discovered that a massive comet is about to strike Earth and wipe out everything save for bacteria, fungus and maybe some lucky animals. Jules predicted the catastrophe through the patterns of his fish, and subsequently placed an Internet ad for a night of random sex (to save the world, get it?).

Jo, the lucky/unlucky journalism student (played by Emily Burnworth) looking for a story of hope walks into Jules, lab and into his world. It becomes their world, the world, and without giving more away, let’s just say the play unfolds with humor, existential philosophy, more humor, pathos and four lucky fish.

All three of the actors were funny (with superb comedic timing) and impeccable. Fowers literally had the audience clapping in the middle of the play, after one particularly silly, yet graphic, monologue about her conception.

Even though the three garnered lots of laughs, however, they all still managed to tug at the heart. They were human. You couldn't help but empathize with them, scrambling for substance and sustenance in their human fish tank.

Boom will make you laugh, perhaps roaringly so, and it will get you thinking, too. It both puts life into perspective and pulls it out, and takes you seamlessly along for the enjoyable ride.

When: Now through Dec. 5

Where: Salt Lake Acting Company (801-363-7522;

Note: Adult language and content, so not suitable for children.