Yup, tis the season for eating; old Hendrik van Balen the Elder painted this in the 16th century and if you switched out the hunting dogs for Golden Retrievers and put some tattoos on the ladies' decollotege, you'd have a pretty typical Utah winter restaurant scene.

Here's where to get your fat on this week.

Happy Birthday, Meditrina! Two years ago, Jen Gilroy and Amy Britt dared to open a little wine and tapas bar in an out-of-the-way location—a couple of virtual unknowns opening an unheard-of concept in a hard-to-find place in the middle of a recession, sounds like a good business plan, right? When most new restaurants don't even last a year? But here's Meditrina, two years later, recognized, popular, award-winning, that's a lot to celebrate and you can join in the toasting tonight from 6-9 pm. $10 gets you in for hors d'oeuvres, jazz and blues music and a cash bar. Call 801-485-2055.

Judd Finkelstein from Judd's Hill Winery in Napa is making his Utah rounds this week, meet the winemaker and taste the wines tonight at Cafe Trio in Cottonwood, call 801-944-8746 or go here for reservations. If you can't make it tonight, catch Judd tomorrow at Spencer's. Call 801-238-4748. Okay, he looks a little goofy here, but you can tell he's friendly, right?

Chef Nathan Powers continues his Snowstorm Specials at Bambara and, when the weather is obliging, everyone wants to please Chef. Through November 12, a dollar from each Snowstorm Special menu item will be donated to the Utah Avalanche Center.

Great news from The Paris Bistro: now that Eric deBonis' all-Italian restaurant, Sea Salt, is up and running, he has introduced an all-French menu at the Paris. I can't wait to try it, and to see what the kitchen can do when it focuses on true French food.

The brilliant (I think!) Michael Showers has introduced his winter menu at Goldener Hirsch. Continuing his successful blending of Old World alpen-style with Utah's own snow sensibilities and appetite, he's come up with dishes like Utah red trout rillete with marcona almonds, Drake Farms goat cheese truffles with piperade and grilled bread, pilsner-battered chanterelles, Provo Girl pilsner & promontory cheddar bisque with elk bratwurst & rye crouton...you get the idea. Goldener Hirsch has become a must-visit if you're serious about food. And charm. the old-fashioned kind.

And finally, don't forget that turkey is looming. Perhaps not this literally, but still.

If you want to brush up your kitchen skills,and for many, this is the one day of the year they use their kitchen sign up for one of Sur La Table cooking classes for Thanksgiving. Desserts, leftovers, whole menu, baking etc. Your friends and relatives will thank you.