Back in July, we published a story on Red Rock Rondo singer Phillip Bimstein and his mother Helenka, a 97-year-old artist on the rise with an ancient Egyptian style to her paintings, each telling their own stories. Click here to read it.

Unfortunately, for SLC's art scene, Helenka passed away just a couple months after the story was published. But her artwork is still remembered by friends, family and fans.

Local artists Suzanne Simpson and Jim Frazer created a 12-foot-high pyramid honoring Helenka and her art at Westminster College's Jewett Center.

Phillip Bimstein just sent us these photos of details on the pyramid, and even though it's something you need to see in person, we couldn't help but share them.

The pyramid will be on display until Nov. 23. Westminster College's Jewett Center is on the north end of campus, between 1200 and 1300 East on 1700 South.