Just got back from the Judd's Hill Winery tasting at Spencer's and must quickly revise my teaser from yesterday. NEWSFLASH! Winemaker Judd Finkelstein is so NOT goofy-looking. Take a gander:A little more like a young, debonair Steven Spielberg, perhaps?

To be honest, I knew that.

But when I was writing about Judd's wine-tasting tour of SLC/PC this week, I couldn't find any other photo of Judd that belonged to a publication I could steal from. (Note to publicists everywhere: we live in a visual world, people! ALWAYS provide high-res photos!) These are the difficulties a modern journalist must surmount.

Anyway, whether you dub the man suave or goofy, and I might choose both, he makes some damn good wines. Tonight we tasted the sauvignon blanc with a passed hors d'oeuvre of salmon tartare, then the merlot with a lamb-topped crouton with charred cippolino then the cabernet with short rib and French fries and finally the glorious 2001 Estate cabernet with nothing but itself. Wonderful. Look for these wines at the state wine stores and on local menus, wine broker Francis Fecteau is working hard to make sure you'll see them everywhere.

So why do I maintain that the obviously awesome winemaker Judd Finkelstein retains a touch of the goofus? Well, maybe it has something to do with his solo ukelele concert in Spencer's bar after the wine was gone…Aloha, Judd.