Jews from all over the state and anyone who just likes a good bowl of matzo ball soup stopped by the I.J. and Jeanne Wagner JCC for the Jewish Arts Festival over the weekend.

The event kicked off Saturday night with a celebration led by Kol Ami rabbi Ilana Schwartzman and a concert by Perry G. Fine and the Original Blue Healers.

Sunday was all about the Jewish artwork, lectures, books by Jewish authors, performers and four latkes for only $5. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company performed to music by Jewish composers, and guests enjoyed a display of Janet Macoska's photos from her book Jews Rock! A Celebration of Rock and Roll's Jewish Heritage. Click here for our story on the gallery.

We'll have the "official" photos of the event in our People Pix section of the Web site asap.

In the meantime, here's some extra photos from this year's festival:


As close as you can get to matzo ball soup without getting your eyes wet

Mmm...latkes made fresh by BBYO

Full plates of glorious food


Just in case you didn't know, Billy Joel is Jewish

Yep, Mick Jones, too


Ririe-Woodbury takes center stage in the vendor's area

Local funk band Jahnre


That's Utah in Hebrew, go Utes!

Utah's new NBA team? Nope, actually a camp for local Jewish youth

Chanukah comes early this year

Rabbi Benny Zippel of Chabad of Utah provided the totes


Books about Jews and Jewish topics or simply written by popular Jewish authors