I know what you're thinking. "Why am I sitting on my computer reading a blog when I should be shopping?" If you're like the millions of Americans faced with yet another dreaded gift-giving holiday, you're procrastinating and you're lost. Life has definitely gotten easier with the Internet when it comes to Christmas shopping but you still have to add that human element- the one that decides what the perfect gift is. I've got an iPod touch and a Rachael Ray cooking pot on my wishlist. But then my boyfriend comes home the other day with the cutest little Christmas tree ornament and I think OMG who could ask for anything more? He knows me. He really knows me.

Outside Inside makes these great gifts for outdoors lovers. Ornaments, magnets, photo frames. They all have themes to make a hiker, paddler, climber or skier go "aaawwww".

Each piece- like the hiking boot magnet on my fridge - has details down to the patterned sole and shoelace bow. Girls, it's like when you were a kid and played with the dollhouse pieces. The clever company is a division of GSI Outdoors so they know a little something about making replicas of the real thing. GSI is a leading supplier of outdoor cooking and dining products and is often recognized  for design innovations.

I plan to hang the gondola ornament in my office all year long. It's kind of ironic because I had just finished wrapping Ryan's present- a GSI Kitchen 23. The last time we camped, we used twigs to stir our cans of soup and I burned my lips trying to sip without a spoon.

The Kitchen 23 is basically a small, zippered briefcase of 23, BPA-free 'luxury' camping items like a spoon, spatula, mini-whisk, mini-grater,  cutting board, camp towel and more. I figure if we add this to my Infinity plate set Ryan gave me last year we'll be the envy of our yurt group this winter.

Of course, I still want my iPod but any gifty from GSI goes a long way toward quality time under the mistletoe.

You can find Outside Inside and GSI Outdoors at Kirkham's, Dick's and REI.