This Friday night (Dec. 17, 2010) the Santa Pub crawl kicks off at 6:30 in a bar (probably O'Shucks) downtown (look for the Santas) It's pretty simple:, dress as intensely like Santa or one of his helpers and run around town to different bars. But seriously, don't just slap on a crappy Santa Cap from the party store. You need a suit, boots, belts, bowl-full-of-jelly belly.  The organizers (who are a mysterious bunch) try to help you along from location to location by ringing a bell and shouting but by the time you hit Cheers To You, you can expect to be strung out on a trail of Santas all up and down Main Street.

Last year's event was huge and a lot of fun. I remember closing it out at the Green Pig in a loud room full of Santas in full regalia, trying to talk with Babs DeLay about something or other. (Confidential to Marms: Sorry we left you behind buddy.) Never leave a Santa behind.