I interviewed Mary and Joseph last summer for our holiday profile on the couple, and even though it was out of season, they still dressed in their biblical garb and posed with the Christ child for our photographer. Click here for the story.

The actors, Autumn and Jeff Fowers, have played the most important roles in their family's Miracle of Christmas pageant for the past five years. Neighbors turn off their Christmas lights, and the crowd is almost always moved to tears in front of the Hunt family's West Haven home. And it's happening three times on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night this week.

Miracle of Christmas pageant 6:30, 7, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 22–24 3161 S. 2850 West, West Haven Call 801-731-4819 or e-mail miracleofchristmas@hotmail.com

Here are some of the facts I dug up in our interview that didn't make it into the article:

Actors are dressed for a desert setting, but the show will go on even if there's snow.

The coldest people in the play: Roman soldiers, other than the angel on the family's roof.

Some newcomers mistake the Christ child as a real baby...it's plastic.

The story used for the pageant is taken straight from the King James Bible.

Anyone who thinks it's just a dish-towel pageant because it's in a nieghborhood instead of a playhouse is mistaken. They go all out with live animals, quality soundtrack, detailed costumes and about 30 volunteer actors.