It's our state motto and it has become so overused it's bordering on cliche, but the truth is, Utah really does have the greatest snow on earth. With travel websites promising "unparalleled access" and various resorts boasting new upgrades and newly accessed ski country, it seems everyone wants to spend time here.

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If the snow isn't reason enough, January in Utah brings international crowds in for the annual Sundance Film Festival. And don't forget the Utah Winter Games, which include Super Clinics for various events as well as races and competitions indoor and out.

But the fun doesn't just end in springtime, there's a lot to do here after the snow melts. From desert to mountain and everything in between, Utah offers more territory than any weekend vacationer can cover.

To savor the full experience of Utah, you've got to live here. Politicians are all talking stimulus money, economy, interest rates, etc. You name it; they're saying it. Well, take a look at the real estate market. More new homes are for sale in Utah than ever before. Prices have dropped in half and more so. If there's ever been a time to make your residency official, it's now. To compare cost of living in Salt Lake City against any other city, click here.

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If snow isn't your thing, that's okay too. Southern Utah boasts some of the most breathtaking mountains and scenic deserts, which receive little or no snowfall. This is the state where if you don't like the weather, hop in the car and drive an hour east or west, north or south and you're bound to find something different. For a full calendar of events, click here to find out what you don't want to be missing out on.