Nothing like starting your morning with a computer engineer talking your ear off about what's going into the cars of our future. Huh? Where's my coffee?? We headed to the outdoor arena where a company called Visteon had gathered their latest prototypes to display to car manufacturers like Chevy, Ford, Hyundai, et al. Navigation systems that also keep a maintenance log and report back to you when something on your car is going to burn out. It could tell you how much further you could drive before destroying your tranny. Or how about slipping your iPad into your dash and it becomes your center console? A big thing at the CES in Las Vegas this weekend is car technology.

[caption id="attachment_11958" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="Powering Up instead of Gasing Up"][/caption]

Audi displayed 'Head Up' technology where you could see an animated projection of your driving lanes above your dashboard and a keypad similiar to Braile so you never had to look down to hit the button you needed for music, for directions, for anything. Look for an abundance of Blueray players built into headrests; some you can even do yourself like the one from Concepts. Tesla was all over the place but it's not like I'll be driving one of those up and down I-80 anytime soon.

We ran into some local Utah companies. Goal 0 (Zero) has a new solar charger that looks promising. You use the sun (or an AC adapter) to charge 4 double AAs and then remove the pack and it will charge an iPod/iPad/ any USB device, where ever you are. Zagg also has a charger but theirs you plug in and it will store up to 4 charges for use anywhere. It has two USB ports and 4 lights so you know exactly how much juice is left in it. I actually looked for these products as the interference throughout the show zapped the charge from both my iPod and HTC cell. I was never able to connect; the devices just kept surfing until they were dead. You would think that a show filled with more than a million devices designed to make your life more connectable and a room full of more than 150k techno geeks, someone could figure out the WiFi access (or lack thereof)!

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Finally found the Mattel version of Dirty Birds. It's a fairly simple game but little kids and drinking buddies will dig it Mattel's other showcased game however was intriguing all passers by.

It was this mind game called Mind Flex where people strapped in their brains then focused on a little ball, trying to push it and raise it with their minds. I thought of a Ouija Board. Parlour trick or for reals??

Gaming obviously will be big next year. We know the players- Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. But the level of motion control is impressive. I entered a windowed room and proceeded to make an idiot of myself jumping and diving as I played Reflex Ridge. Also got quite the workout.

Games and 3D games are close to half of what everyone is building for their computers and televisions. Even Sprint is getting in on the scene with 4g gaming. We hit the Tweethouse party at the Atomic Testing Museum at the end of the show and Sony had about 10 systems set up around the place for us. Now that's a fun party. Although I spent more time crashing my motorcycle dude than getting him around the track.

Back at the show I have to mention two cool items spotted that ladies will love. There was a Japanese company showcasing a machine that prints digital images right on your fingernails. You can even take a photo of your child and put it there.

Finally, I'd love to see some restaurants and bars pick up this incredible table. It's got an interactive touchscreen where you can play games, view photos or movies, even order a drink.

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