Chairs scoot across the hardwood floor as people are seated throughout the theater. A murmur of requests for gourmet pizza and delicious deserts fills the air Friday night of opening weekend at the Desert Star.

Maybe your new year's resolution is to lose weight, or to have a better year than last. Whatever it is, Desert Star has the remedy. I attended opening weekend of Ed Farnsworth's Back from The Future: What Happens in 1985 Stays in 1985 and it's clear this show will give you plenty of material to laugh off some weight and simply enjoy yourself.To be honest, there were a few slow, almost low points to this parody on the Back to the Future films, but by the time Act II: Scene 3 rolled around; everyone in the theater was wiping their eyes or slapping their knees from laughing so hard. I'll give you two clues: Doc Braun's not to scale model of downtown's clock tower and city hall was a riot, and Lewis, antics were such that you won't soon forget the distance he's willing to go to get the attention of a lady. All I can tell you is that you will never be able to listen to Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart without an attack of the giggles.

Naturally, the way Desert Star cast and crew take you back in time starts with incredible pianist Alex Marshall. Now, you have to see this guy perform to completely understand what a rare talent he is. One moment he's got his right hand on the keyboard and left stretched over to the piano. The next moment, during the Malt Shop Sock Hop Olio he's got chopsticks in hand and is playing a version of Chopsticks that is pure genius. He was rewarded with louder applause than I've ever heard at the Desert Star.So hop into your modified go-kart courtesy of cast and crew and head back in time. You're guaranteed to laugh all the way back from the future. Desert Star is just the ticket to quality comedy and entertainment. The show runs through Feb 26.

For tickets and more information, visit www.DesertStar.BIZ or call 801.266.2600.