Just got off the phone with Canyons spokesman Todd Burnette.

They have a winner, actually TWO winners in that Ultimate Mountain Gig blogger contest.

After much delay and many rumors of bailing on the whole project, the resort stepped up and picked.

Well, they said they couldn't really decide so they went with two of the top three.

The good news is each winner gets his own prize package.

No need to share in the bounty.

Congrats to Andy Campbell and Kaylin Richardson. (The guy on the left was runner-up Chris Solomon).

Why they couldn't actually commit to just one?

"We felt that both were fantastic," Burnette said. "We doubled the prize. They'll work together quite a bit."

The backstory: After pr director Libby Dowd (the point person for the contest) quit last week, rumors swirled that the contest was a bust.

"It's not out of the ordinary for an organization of our size to go through major changes," Burnette said, adding skiers' reception to the Bubble Lift, Ski Beach, new restaurant Cloud Dine (top of Dreamcatcher) and new terrain Iron Mountain has been positive.

Canyons also awarded a prize to the most-viewed video entry.

Here's want Andy had to say:

Thank You Canyons (Ultimate Mountain Gig) from andy campbell on Vimeo.