Starting Thursday, the annual Sundance parade of music and movie stars begins hitting Salt Lake City and Park City.

Meanwhile, there are more than a few palatable options to enjoy while the celebrity invasion takes hold.

Monday night offers up the back-half of the Robert Earl Keen two-night stand at The State Room and was the original gig in the two-fer.

This show sold out in less than a week and prompted Sunday's add-on show, which also quickly sold out.

Keen's never on the radio and most country fans couldn't pick the Texan out of a police lineup. So, why all the fuss?

Well, Keen's a terrific songwriter whose songs are more famous than he is - "The Road Goes On Forever," "Merry Christmas From The Family" for starters - but he's a strong performer in his own right, even if his voice grates on some ears. Plus, his band is a tight, twangy unit that has been together for years.

Also, guys in Austin tell me that town's immense guitar population turns out regularly for REK concerts just to watch Keen's lead guitarist Rich Brotherton tear it up. If you're one of the fast-acting folks who's going tonight, enjoy. The rest of us procrastinators will just have to wonder how good it gets ...

Here's Keen singing a song a few years back when banjo ace Danny Barnes was part of the band.

But if you don't have Keen tickets, all is not lost Monday: Over at the Sheraton, there's a great opportunity to hear some authentic, swinging music from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. These guys are the real deal and are a welcome rebuttal to anyone who had to listen to their friends crow about how newcomer Trombone Shorty offered up "real" New Orleans jazz last summer at Red Butte Garden.

Nothing against TS, but the Preservation guys are here to set it straight.

And according to the venue's marquee -and in contrast to information on two different websites - the Drunken Masters will play Monday night at The Urban Lounge.

Looking ahead to later in the week, there will probably be an increase in the number of Salt Lake City guitarists who have announced they're giving up the instrument after seeing Adrian Legg play Tuesday night at The State Room.

Legg is a virtuoso - a term that gets overused, but not in this instance - and the 62-year-old Englishman with the indescribable yet overwhelming mix-and-mash style will make a relatively rare SLC appearance to blow the curve here for guitar playing, just like everywhere else he goes.

Guitar players might think twice before watching this video ... This is humbling.

Also Tuesday at the Main Library, the SLC Film Center will show the film "Bag It!" - a cool-sounding movie about one man's study of the plastic bag industry and how it works.