Retired physician turned photography artist, Sherman Bloom, showed off his work at The Gallery in the Main Library at an opening reception on Jan. 22.

It's is nothing short of a new twist in fine art photography. Describing his work as an exploration of high art principles such as composition and texture, the gallery, Rocks and Flowers, reflects an interest in natural geologic features such as mountains and deserts, but also in orchids. Relying on a duality between the two aspects of his show, the mountains reflect the conventional black and white that is common to high-art photography.

If you need a break from all the Sundance madness, the gallery (through March) is a chance to just sink into some artwork exploring nature.

While his orchid photographs rely on color, sometimes they're artificially saturated with up close views forcing the viewers to create their own interpretation to fully appreciate the work.

Sherman Bloom's photography is on view at the City Library, 210 E 400 South, SLC, through March 4. Click Here for more information.