As Sundance rolls along, Salt Lake City folks can gauge their need to drive up on a weeknight for musical entertainment. If you've got free mornings and don't mind late start times for gigs, this is a great week. For folks with early-morning jobs, it's going to take some will power to see any great music. But if you tough it out, some worthy bands await. There are also some fine treats closer to home.

Among the first things that caught my eye when reviewing Sundance's musical offerings was that Rhode Island's rocking indie-folkers (yes, there is such a thing) will play two hard-to-catch gigs at the ASCAP Music Cafe on Monday and Tuesday, both in the mid-afternoon. Then, it was revealed that they're part of a surprisingly strong triple-bill at The Depot on Tuesday night.

But wait, it gets better. The show is free.

The Low Anthem, which first achieved widespread notoriety for the 2008 release "Oh My God, Charlie Darwin," are touring in support of the soon-to-be released album "Smart Flesh." The band wowed SLC concert-goers in March 2010 with a well-executed blowout at The State Room. That gig will be tough to top. Here's an example of the "Darwin" album's title track, but don't think this is their only tempo. They also have some rockers. Check them out here:

Following The Low Anthem on Tuesday will be an eclectic all-female quartet from Los Angeles, Raining Jane. For a band that's co-authored a song with Jason Mraz, had a song placed in "Grey's Anatomy," and has been around since 1999, they're sort of under the radar. But they feature great harmonies and clever lyrics. This should be a treat.

And closing out the evening Tuesday will be Lucy Schwartz, a straight-ahead folk-rocker with a winning voice and loads of off-beat charm.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m., with Low Anthem starting at 6:30 p.m. This event should trump your average Tuesday night rather thoroughly.

Visit The Depot's website at to get your free ticket. And don't dawdle, the freebies will surely start to clear out.

On Wednesday night, Lauryn Hill plays at Harry O's in Park City. Hill, famous for her stint in The Fugees and the '90s album called "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," - which sold more than 18 million copies (that's not a typo) - recently gained some unwanted publicity for being about three hours late to a recent Brooklyn gig. However, opportunities to see the wonderfully talented Hill do not crop up too often. She spent about four years largely out of the public eye. Forget all the negativity and listen to this:

Another under-the-radar gig warranting our attention on Tuesday is Canadian country-rocker Corb Lund. One of the few purveyors of the long-lost genre - actual country music - Lund is a treat and he'll likely wow the surely unsuspecting crowd at Cicero's in Park City.

Check this video: