This is The One folks. The one that will sweep the awards at the end of the fest and I'm guessing even onto next year's Oscars.

Yes, it's that good.

Tyrannosaur is actor Paddy Considine's debut as a director and it's as stunning and brave as you can ask for in a debut.

Being an actor-turned-director has its benefits and the cast shines here with intense and teeth-grating performances.

Peter Mullan plays the self-destructive protagonist Joseph who wears violence on his sleeve and carries a bat under his arm.

Constantly looking for fights to pick at the pub or an animal to take his regrets out on, his state of aggravation is spare but as compelling a performance as I've seen in recent memory.

Along with Mullan's performance, Considine ramps up the tension in a story of struggle with a beautiful tone, lighting and camera work set against the backdrop of a drab English town.

Joseph's life intertwines with Hannah (Olivia Colman), a religious thrift store owner struggling with her own faith.

Colman is the victim of abuse in the worst way. I won't spoil the acts of violence but let's just say her husband, played by Eddie Marsan, makes the a wife beater seem like Santa Claus.

This is not an easy watch. I constantly felt like I was getting kicked in the stomach and it felt good and it affected me - the way good movies should.

We watch movies to go to another world and evoke emotion. Whether that emotion is a good one or a bad one is up to your interpretation.

All the violence, heartbreaking and bone breaking aside, Considine is able to establish a hopeful story like nothing I've seen this year and topped off with monumental performances, I can easily say this is the best film of the fest.

If it's not - it'll be tough to beat.