Life in a Day had the potential to be a bust. Instead you get a true experience.

The film is true collaborative art. Untouched.

More than 8,500 hours of footage of people living out their daily routines was submitted from 1,092 countries.

I imagine there's a stockpile of footage worthy of additional films.

I also imagine that the editor needs a seriously awesome vacation.

Produced by blockbuster Brits the Scott brothers (Ridley and Tony) and directed by Kevin Macdonald, the final cut of Life in a Day - a YouTube experiment sewing together user-generated footage shot on a single day, July 24, 2010 - is a compelling addition to the form.

From the first image of the rise of a gigantic moon, we peek in on an American woman fresh from a double mastectomy talking to her son, a Russian Parkour expert tearing up a city, goat herders from the Ukraine still in their fields, an English student imbibing with his father upon graduation...

The film shows how artistic our world is as a landscape and as a society.

This beautiful portrayal of life is shown to us like any normal day.

We get up. We get dressed. We go to the bathroom.

As boring as that sounds, the storytelling here is so seamless - that the movie jumps between different lives around the world doesn't occur to the viewer.

It's the human story. It can be sad, funny, depressing, disgusting, inspirational and dreamy all at the same time.

I loved this film. It reminds me of Koyaanisqatsi ...which shows the humor and elegance to our crazy world.