This film is the kind a first-time writer/director dreams of creating.

Sean Durkin blossoms with Martha Marcy May Marlene. Brought up through the Sundance Institute, Durkin shows a classic "indie" style with deep and dark motivations.

In Martha Marcy May Marlene, a young girl (Elizabeth Olsen - MK&A's little sis) struggling through the first three weeks of her life after escaping from a violent cult.

She slowly returns to her old life with the help of her sister, Lucy.

Durkin does a stellar job going back and forth between the two lives as well as sustain the mystery of motives of the cult. Durkin shows restraint rarely seen from a first-time filmmaker.

Matching the terrific performance with Olsen we get the new "go-to" indie actor John Hawkes who portrays the cult leader with a level of creepiness he used in last year's Winter's Bone.

This film was picked up by Fox Searchlight earlier this week and it's not surprising.

I still cannot give a verdict about my overall opinion of the film - but it stuck with me, even as I woke up the next morning, so Durkin is doing something right.

Check this one out especially if you like to see what the Sunadance Institute is cranking out these days with their film summer camp sessions in our great state.