Susanne Bier's latest has already won the golden globe nomination and was selected earlier this week for an Oscar nomination for best foreign picture.

This astounding Danish director always makes a stir of emotion and character when she completes a film and In A Better World she resounds those themes and characters with deep emotion and beautiful cinematography.

Two families intertwine their lives by random events and the two young leads befriend each other at school as Elias protects Christian from constant bullying to the point the victim goes to the hospital.

Bier always is able to pull terrific performances from her actors but the child actors in this film stood out and matched the terrific acting from the more experienced and proved that emotion and drama is for all ages.

The father/son relationships clash in both families, but in different ways. Each is struggling through different roadblocks in their lives, whether it be death, cheating, bullying Bier brings their emotion to the surface and does what every director should do by showing and not telling.

This film has already been a critical success and the press from the festival and award circuit assures you should be able to see this film soon but please catch it at Sundance if possible.

Now if Bier was an American director I imagine she'd be celebrated many times over, in a way she has. Two of her films have been optioned to be remade in America and one was remade last year with Jim Sheridan's version of Brothers. Although this may be flattering to Bier it makes me wonder why America has a xenophobia of subtitles in movies. It seems money wasted as a perfectly good version of the exact same movie is available. Don't wait for this to be remade and enjoy a truly beautiful director in her prime.