Ever since I heard the name Scott Markewitz, I've been intrigued. As far as ski photographers go this Utahn is the man. Nearly every cover of every ski publication is shot by him, he travels the world and makes his subjects rock stars in their field. When I first moved to Utah I met him at his home with my portfolio. I thought he'd be duly impressed and call me when he needed a ski model. He never did. I chalked it up to the long waitlist of freeskiers hoping to be made famous and moved on; never taking it personally. Well, 20 years later he's offering up the opportunity to get behind the lens and see and do what he does.

The photography workshop will be held Feb. 3-6 and if you're a local, they just added a smoking option- $600 dollars for three days of instruction, on mountain shooting of professional athletes, classroom instruction, and early trams. The workshop is geared for photographers of all levels who are passionate about skiing and the outdoors and want to expand their bag of tricks (or start one if you're a novice like me). Participants will learn about all aspects of ski and winter outdoor photography with morning and evening classroom sessions and on hill practice shooting professional skiers and snowboarders in action.

All participants need a basic understanding of digital photography and be able to ski or snowboard most areas on the mountain comfortably while carrying their own camera gear. Students are required to bring their own DSLR camera with assorted lenses, a backpack to carry their equipment while riding, a laptop with Photoshop installed (CS2 or higher - also recommended to have other image processing software such as Lightroom, Aperture and/or Photo Mechanic), a memory card reader, at least one external hard drive for storage, and must be ready with the proper ski/snowboard equipment for any conditions.

The workshop normally costs $1250 if you need lodging and lift tickets but for those of us who live here and probably already have a Bird pass, you can't beat $600. I want to attend and write about the clinic. I want to share with you all of the ins and outs of shooting skiing so that you can learn from your deskchair. Problem is, Scott needs a few more paying attendees before he can make room for me. So if you would like to support the cause ...and be there in person for your own personal photography coaching sessions, sign up quick. It's Feb. 3 on Wednesday.

Interested? Call Snowbird Central Reservations at (800) 453-3000. For locals who don't require lodging and/or lift tickets, please contact Scott Markewitz directly at scott@scottmarkewitz.com.

[caption id="attachment_13792" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="This shot I took of someone hucking into Corbet's yesterday could have been so much better with Scott's help"][/caption]