Decisions, decisions ...

Folks on the go will have a chance to see some top-flight folk of the home-brewed variety this weekend as well as (more) world-class jazz for Salt Lake City.

While anyone willing to hit the road can catch a legend - albeit of different genres and in different places.

First up it's Thursday and tonight at The Urban Lounge, you can get your 'LedZep' on with a tribute band called Led Zeppelin 2.

Zeppelin, which split in 1980, still maintains ownership of one of the coolest and most beloved songbooks in rock history. Seeing tribute bands can negatively impact your hipness ratings among the cool crowd, but if these guys play the tunes well, hey, why not?

Another more intense option for Thursday is at Burt's Tiki Lounge with veteran ska rockers, The Toasters. If you're looking for a high-energy kickoff for your weekend, look no further.

Now back to the "tough questions" part of the weekend, if you want to hit the road Friday afternoon for Wendover, Nev., the Peppermill Casino will host the legendary B.B. King.

The King of the Blues is now 85 and is not quite the force of nature onstage he once was. But if you want to see bursts of bluesy greatness and a funky band with kicking horns backing him up, B.B. is still worth the drive (and the weather looks to be cooperative).

Rest assured, he won't play as much guitar as anyone wants him too and it'll be a 90-minute casino gig. But even with all that, it's still mighty tempting. Tickets start at $25, which is relatively inexpensive considering what you get.

Don't misunderstand, B.B. still delivers, but he also talks quite a bit onstage and plays sitting down. For guitar geeks like me, B.B. and his guitar "Lucille" still have the sweetest tone in the business.

Also Friday, a legend in his own right, Ice Cube, will be in Ogden for a gig at the Winter Dew Tour music stage on 25th Street.

It's reportedly a free concert outdoors, so I can't imagine it won't be mobbed - probably by some kids who know him from "Are We There Yet?" more so than from his days with NWA - yikes! The show starts at 9.

And the rapper's moniker might never be more appropriate than at this show. Bundle up ...

On Saturday night at the Sheraton, the GAM Foundation is hosting velvet-voiced singer Stacey Kent. The 44-year-old sings great jazz, in two languages.

Jazz lovers are having a fine week - Wynton Marsalis's gig on Monday was wonderful - and Kent's show likely will be quite strong as well. Her upcoming album is all in French, so you might need a French-English dictionary for a few of the numbers, but it sounds like a fun problem to have on a Valentine's Day weekend.

Also Saturday, Utah folk singer and nationally recognized radio producer Hal Cannon will be at The State Room. Cannon's widely known as a member of Red Rock Rondo, and this gig should be an intimate treat at the always-cozy venue. Show time's at 9, but I'd get in early if I wanted seats down low.

So have fun, stay warm and count down the hours to Single Awareness Day Monday.