Set your alarm to get up early on Wednesday, because you'll want to be at Johanna's Kitchen at 6 p.m. for breakfast with Salt Lake magazine editor Jeremy Pugh and ABC-4's Brian Carlson. Hey, we know it's early, but your stomach will thank you.

Here's what we wrote about Johanna's in our list of Utah's best diners:

They say it's all about the biscuits and gravy - known here as "wagon wheels and axle grease." Actually, they're tall, brown and soft with a bowl of pale gravy the consistency of half-jelled Jell-O. Apparently, big biscuit sales have allowed Johanna's to double its size, with an added-on bland dining room augmenting the original booth-n-counter layout. 9725 S. State St., Sandy, 801-566-1762

If you can't make it, tune in to ABC-4 Wednesday morning to watch it live. Click here to visit ABC-4's Web site, and click here for videos from our other other live breakfast stops.