Our friend Francis Fecteau, owner of Libation, sipper-at-large and and wine geek extraordinaire, brings us up to date on some not-to-be-missed wine events coming up in our own city of Salt.

Read, and have your iPhone at hand to call for these reservations.

Francis sez, and I quote, including boldface and underlining:

"First and foremost: two of my all-time favorite people in the wine business are coming to Utah.
Brian Larky is founder of Dalla Terra ( www.dallaterra.com ), and a newly minted member of the Italian Wine Hall of Fame.  Dalla Terra is the foremost importer of Italian wine in the world today.  There are several great and notable ones, but no one has done it with the single-minded focus on quality and authenticity that Brian has brought to bear with Dalla Terra's winery direct model. He delivers extraordinary wine at extraordinary value.
Will Bucklin, Owner and Winemaker, Bucklin Wines ( www.buckzin.com )
Old Hill Ranch, where Will resides and cares for the land, is California's most historically significant old vine heirloom vineyard. The Sonoma Valley is home to a multitude of vineyards of this nature, vineyards planted with no apparent rhyme or reason with dozens of different varietals as far ranging and varied as Tannat, Lenoir, Grand Lenoir and Golden Chasselas. Old Hill is a mere 14 acres, planted to 27 varieties, all of which make the idiosyncratic yet dazzling wine "Old Hill Ranch Zinfandel". Only two people get to make wine from this extraordinary place; Ravenswood and Will Bucklin. Old Hill Ranch is rightly considered the greatest of California's Old Vine Single Vineyard expressions of Zinfandel and once you take in the extraordinary perfume of this vineyard, you too will be hooked.
What do these two have to do with each other? They are dear friends dating back to their time at UC Davis Winemaking School and it was Brian Larky who introduced me to Will Bucklin. Between the two of them, it's a ridiculous amount of wine knowledge and insight under one roof.
On Tuesday March 1, Pago will be hosting them for a wine social from 5- ish to 7-ish pm. 878 South 900 East, 801-532-0777 / Call for reservations (Pago has also special ordered exclusive wines for this event)
Also on the evening of Tuesday March 1, we will be appearing at the Cow Milk Cheese Class at Caputo's on 15th from 7:30 to 9:30. 1516 South 1500 East, 801-486-6615 / Call for reservations
On Wednesday March 2, Sea Salt will be hosting them for a dinner on 1709 E 1300 S, 801- 349-1480 / Call for reservations.
ON ANOTHER NOTE (Francis continues, without boldface and underlining)
"If somehow Valentine's Day escaped your attention; February 17th at 630 pm, Biaggi's, 194 South 400 West, 801-596-7222, is featuring a wonderfully executed (and reasonably priced) 5 course authentic Italian menu by partner chef Thomas Meehan. The wine selections are all from the Dalla Terra Portfolio featuring exciting wines from Adami (two new rare single vineyard cuvees) and the pioneering Inama Carmenere Piu. Dinner is $45, Wine pairings $20. Please join me for a taste and a spit! Call for reservations."
End quote from Francis. Ready, set, phone.