Our It's a Living section is in every issue we print, and I'm the lucky guy who gets to interview locals with the most unique jobs - roller derby girls, tattoo artists, beauty queens, mascots.

One of the best interviewees was Stephanie Buranek, an SLC belly dancer (click here to read the story). Her passion for belly was obvious, and she also gave me the inside scoop on what's it like to balance the dance with work at an office. And I just got an e-mail from Stephanie on the upcoming Belly Dance Springfest on March 5.

We're sending our photographer Cortney Finlayson to get pics, not just of the dancers, but the crowds, fans and friends, too. So, be there and you might be in Salt Lake magazine.

The Belly Dance Springfest is Utah's largest indoor dance festival and just entering its tenth year.