So, you know who won. You've read the tweets, you've told us what you think. haven't been behind-the-scenes until:

Right. Now.

Brought to you by one high-res iphone Camera:

Note: If anyone knows how to replace the banners in these slider-'things' please let us know...we are still trying to figure it out...

Official parking signs, awe-some.

Photographer Adam Finkle settin' up his stuff to capture the winners and their golden (orange?) plates.

The real reason everyone RSVP-ed.... two words: Open. Bar.

Art director/part-time tweep Heidi Larsen tweeting on high.

The boys of Forage brought the bow-ties, still aren't rocking 'beards'. Maybe next year?

Best shoes of the night: Lucy Cardenas of Red Iguana was rockin' some pretty 'caliente' kicks

Chow Truck babes decided to ditch their chef's duds for some red-carpet-worthy apparel.

Um....since they are small we can drink more, right?! Right!?

SLM Account Exec Janet Jorgensen and Man-in-Black Utah Style and Design Editor Brad Mee

Lightwood Duo played some custom tunes for the winners. Our fav? The Rawhide theme song for Prime Steakhouse.

We said it before and we will say it again, Forage looked gooooood.

Coolest kids in the school....SLmag's A.V. Club (San Dimas High School Football Rules!)

Hall of Famer's

Delish take-home goodies from Cuisine, Unlimited Inc.

There it is, the i-phone wrap up of the SLM Dining Awards ceremony 2011. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the gourmet goodness in Utah restaurants. Until next year, eat, drink (and the drink some more...) and be merry!