Update: Chef Powers extended the deal through Friday so gooooooo!

Forget Gaga's 'Little Monsters', over here at the SLM we kind of have the whole 'cookie monster' thing going on.

If you're a dedicated blog reader, you probably recall us making ourselves sick while meticulously critiqued, consumed and sugar-coma-ed our way into finding some of the best chocolate chippers in the state. (Note: no one in this office touched a chocolate chip cookie for a good four weeks following the cookie-off)

And just this past Monday we found ourselves arguing over the perfect ingredients and methodology to create the chewy-but-crispy, not-too-sweet, melt-in-your-mouth cookie. (Cook time? Brown sugar? Brown butter?)

So when editor Jeremy Pugh and Dining Awards panelists were gushing over the ooey-gooey cookies baked up by Bambara in the Hotel Monaco we knew we needed one.... like, right then. Well, good news. As we were live tweeting from the Dining Awards we suggested Chef Powers hook us up with free cookies in honor of their win...

and you better believe they did.

Today only, Bambara is serving hot-n-chewy cookies fresh outta' the oven to anyone who comes in for lunch and mentions their SLM Dining Award Best SLC Lunch win! So, seeing as it's about that time, head on down to Bambara and eat up and tweet us a pic of that cookie!