Ryan bitched yesterday about having to pay full price for a lift ticket to Snowbird. Of course, to hit the epic powder day we did it was well worth the $74 but those kind of prices add up. Especially when there's technically 83 days left in the season (if you consider that the Bird stayed open on the weekends from May to Father's Day last year.) How late will the season push past the scheduled close of Memorial Day 2011?

"With the amount of snow we have it's looking pretty good," said Snowbird's Marketing Director Dave Fields. Already 434 inches have hit the ground in LCC and Snowbird has a 143-inch base.

[caption id="attachment_15420" align="alignnone" width="525" caption="Last week's epic storms left a whole lot of white stuff in the Wasatch. "][/caption]

That's why I told Ryan to hop on the Snowbird Spring Pass Deal. It's on sale NOW- $499 or $299 starting April 1. I did the math (hopefully correctly; I suck at math) and the pass pays for itself after seven and four times, respectively. Now, I ask you- Can you ski more than seven times between now and close? If you only went out every Saturday that's 13 days or $38/day. Not bad, huh? Go to Snowbird.com and click on the click to the Spring Pass Sale to order online. You'll have to click "season passes" under the ticket categories to see the Spring option.