Will this be my dream grocery store?

It doesn't look like it, but it's certainly starting to sound like it:

* A small store, housed in a re-used building tucked in a walkable neighborhood.

* There's very little storage space because food will be delivered daily. Fresh artisan breads will be delivered daily, as soon as they're baked.

* Produce will come from local growers as well as larger growers.

* Meats will be cut to order.

* There will be a small, but cool, floral department where you can pick up last-minute gifts, a kitchen turning out fresh foods for takeout, a cafe to sip and chat in, a gelateria for an afternoon or evening snack and a water fountain for dogs.

Okay, this is the new Emigration Market, as envisioned by Harmons. This morning I went to see the bulldozer commence the deconstruction that has to happen before the reconstruction. They're not taking out the whole building. They're leaving as much of the original as possible while installing the new features.

Obviously, this is way smaller than the Harmons we're used to.

And according to Randy and Bob, it will be managed differently. Bob says, "Raye Tafoya was hand-picked to be the new store director for Harmons' Emigration Market. She will have the latitude to make decisions for that store based on customer requests for special items, because the community will dictate what the store needs."

Tafoya has worked for Harmons for 34 years and has been a store director for 17 years at locations including West Valley, Ogden and Roy. She says that all these years working for Harmons she has been building her career to be able to work at Emigration Market, her "dream store."

Hey, it's my dream store too. With one glaring dreambreaker: it's not in MY neighborhood.

Harmons Emigration will open sometime this spring. Appreciate it.