Here's the message - don't overlook your floors as canvases for art. And today's high-style rugs definitely qualify as art. "A quality, handcrafted carpet is a critical first step in amplifying a room's spirit and function," says Robin Gray whose describes her handmade custom and ready-made rugs as works of art for the floor. (They also make great wall hangings). She's right. Check out just a few of her bold, graphic pieces I spotted while visiting Regency Royale in SLC this week.

Jillian Arrowsmith showing me Robin Gray rugs and assorted pattern options.

"Gray works with artisans in India, and Nepal. Each carpet carries the GoodWeave imprimatur guaranteeing that no child labor was involved in its production, and that working conditions are of the highest standards." she explains. Now you can really feel great about making your floors look great.