Good Morning, Designers.

All you Project Runway fanaticos and fashionista's, listen up.

The rather fabulous Tim Gunn will be at Salt Lake's own Gateway at the end of April. Yes, we know it's a bit in advance, but we wanted to let you know so you could mark your calendars and start planning your outfit. Gunn will be at the Gateway on April 30th to celebrate the launch of Lucky Brand Jeans Spring 2011 collection and to promote his newest best-seller, Gunn's Golden Rules. Gunn will give a fashion lecture, highlighting the importance of style, proportion and fit of fabulous denim, which we all know is a bit of a challenge to come by. (Anyone else having a flashback to all those horrendous dressing room jeans sessions? Yes, those size 2's run really small, I promise.)

Attendee's/Shoppers will also have a chance to meet and greet the style expert. Those who make a purchase of $100 or more will be given the chance to be professionally photographed with Mr. Gunn and will also receive a personalized, signed copy of his new book.

Is there anything really left to say other than, "go, go, go!"?