The first year I attended the Sundance Film Festival as a new mom I couldn't help thinking that a G-rated counterpart was missing. You know, a festival that celebrated family friendly films. We have sports action fests, foreign film fests, world cinema fests, but nothing for those who like less edgy fare.

I never cared before (The Godfather is one of my faves) but now that my choices are limited by a four-year-old sensibility, it's important. We get at least one Pixar or Dreamworks film a month but a festival that seeks out and celebrates wholesome moviemaking would draw attention to the notion that you don't have to have sex and violence on screen to be a decent film.

Enter the first ever Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children. Organizers have picked out a handful of animated, documentary and live-action films, tossed in filmmaking workshops for the older groms, and set out to fill the void.

The festival opens April 1 with the Utah premiere of ELEANOR'S SECRET. The French animated film about a little boy who discovers a magical world through reading.

The live-action CARLITOS AND THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME comes from Spain. It's about an orphan boy who dreams of becoming a soccer star. Both films will be presented in their original language with subtitles read aloud by a reader.

STELLA AND THE STAR OF THE ORIENT is dubbed in English and has been an audience favorite at film festivals around the world.

The fest runs through April 3 with screenings at the Tower Theater, Broadway Centre Cinemas and Sorenson Unity Center. The screenings are $5 and the workshops at Spy Hop Productions like animating with Lego's and film production for kids 7 and up are $20. For more info, to order tickets, and to learn about the film selections go to or call 801-746-7000.

Act fast and get 50 percent off tickets by entering "SLCFCSub" when ordering by 9 a.m. Monday, March 28.