I was pulled over a couple days ago, and I wouldn't have gotten a ticket but took off my seat belt when I pulled to the shoulder. Just sort of a force of habit to unclick when I'm stopping the car. After all, what if he asked me to step out? And really, it was on the whole day.

"That doesn't make any sense to me," says the officer. Yay, I get to pay $45. Lesson: If you get stopped, keep it on until you're asked to take it off, and don't tell the cop "Sorry it doesn't make sense to you, but that's what happened."

Regardless of my situation, the Click It or Ticket law helps save lives, and I fully support it. If you're involved in public safety or support it as well, you should also support the Zero Fatalities Safety Summit.

They're currently looking for sponsors and prizes from businesses for the event's raffle.

The Summit is the premier event for Utah's safety officials and advocates. Local law enforcement personnel, city and county government officials, educators and counselors will share experiences, opportunities and progress in ensuring public safety through programs, organizations like Zero Fatalities, Click It or Ticket and Pedestrian Safety.

The Summit is full of break out sessions and workshops on topics from teen drivers to bicyclists.

Zero Fatalities Safety Summit, April 11–13 Salt Lake City Marriott University Park Hotel, 480 Wakara Way, SLC Click here for more info