Yes, it's showtime, folks.

I've been busy in the photo studio lately, setting up food shots for our fab photographer Adam Finkle. In magazine-land, it's the end of summer - we're working on the July/August issue right now.

Years ago, about half my income came from food styling - I was always shlepping around half-cooked chickens to be torched in the studio, never left the house without a chef's knife, paintbrush and bottle of canola oil, and drove a car that smelled perpetually like spilled vinaigrette. Frankly, I hoped never to be back in the business again.

But that's not how the world works. Is it.

However, I got clever this time - we shot other people's food: a Black Market real boiled bagel with house-cured salmon and chive cream cheese, a giant sandwich including the best deli turkey ever and a platter of assorted mini-knishes from Ninth South Deli.

Have you been? The creation of Kathie Chadbourne, the deli is a thousand times cuter than any in NYC - the little house feels more like a tearoom than a deli - but it's got a lot more than charm going for it. At its soul is a big fat Reuben sandwich, chicken soup with matzo and genuine Cel-Ray soda. It doesn't get more authentic than that.And Chadbourne is still shopping - looking out for genuine deli food the likes of which have not been seen in the SLC. She knows her place though - every meal ends with a complimentary cube of green Jell-O.

Then we took a portrait of the chicken cacciatore - hunter's chicken - made by Vinto chef Robert Angellili. That's him, at the top, the mushroom man. Yes, of course, the cacciatore was full of wild mushrooms.

And a pic of butterscotch budini made by Amber Billingsley, Robert's wife and Salt Lake's sweet tooth queen. "Budini" is Italian for pudding and Amber's came with salted caramel sauce, whipped cream and hazelnut praline with hazelnut paraline sable cookies.

It was irresistable - I had a sweet potato knish for lunch right in the studio and tipped off by Robert and Amber, headed straight to Vinto for dinner for the night's specials: cacciatore (where do the hunters come up with those capers????)

and butterscotch budini, the night's special dessert. Oops, I forgot to snap it before I ate it. All. I hate it when that happens.