This is my third post in as many weeks about the Hunt Family. What can I say? They're awesome. They totally exceeded my expectations this past weekend at Park City's Egyptian Theater.

They performed on Thursday (for Pharaoh Club members only), Friday and Saturday nights. Audience young and old were captivated by this talented family. Everyone seated around me certainly had no problem tapping their toes or crying in relation to whatever song was playing. At one point, the girls of the family even got right down into the audience as they fiddled. They seemed to love interacting with the audience, in fact. They even brought some kids from the audience up onto the stage for a game of "Name That Tune"—including my 18-year-old brother.

If you haven't heard of them before, take a look at this video:

The songs the Hunt kids had written themselves were amazing. Crazy Fingers, one included in this video, was written by Jonathan when he was 14 years old. Another one of my favorites of his was a brand new song they played for us—so new, it didn't even have a name. They asked for audience suggestions after they played it. Suggestions included Epic, A New Day, Bright Day, and Clint (Dad) jokingly suggested "Yard Sale" because of how Johnny had skied that day. They seemed to like my suggestion, The Edge of Everything. Score one for the wannabe writer.

After Saturday's concert, I'm definitely looking forward to their next album that they hope to record in the summer. Some of my favorite songs they played, including "Green Eyes" and "Worn," aren't yet available for my constant listening pleasures. The awe continued to grow when the kids proceeded to stand next to each other and play each others' fiddles, the audience witnessed Jamison's award-winning step dancing, and the boys' (Jordan, Josh and Johnny) percussion number in the dark included drumming on the stage and Josh dancing to the rhythm.

They took a bit of time to introduce themselves—Clint, Sandy, Jessi and Jennifer (21), Johnathan (17), Jordan (16), Justin (14), Jamison (13), and "sister Josh" (19) (when she realized her mistake, Jennifer quickly apologized, "Sorry, it must be this high elevation.") You know, for a sister, Josh is pretty easy on the eyes... (I have a bit of a crush on him; can you tell?)

[caption id="attachment_17922" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="With a face like this and a voice like an angel, can you blame me?"][/caption]

I'd like to take a moment and give some serious props to the crew of the Egyptian Theater. Not only are they incredibly funny and nice people, they did a stunning job on the lights. If the music hadn't been enough to blow my mind (which it was), the light show would've for sure done the job.

All in all, it was "a great end to a Spring Break" as my brother said. Between the humor and energy of the family, the great music and the friendly staff, I wouldn't pass up a chance to see the Hunts or the Egyptian Theatre again.