In honor of Record Store Day on Saturday, multiple local bands are playing around town at various record stores.

Slowtrain will feature music starting at 11 a.m. with local rockers Birthquake and continuing throughout the day. Paul Jacobsen at 1 p.m. is just one of the highlights. Also at noon at the U of U Graywhale, local alt-country rockers Bronco play at noon. So yeah, Saturday's looking stellar.

This event has blossomed in recent years to being nearly a citywide festival instead of just a solemn celebration of a great American institution.

After you wile away the day at local record stores, a real treat awaits Saturday night in the form of Seattle's Cave Singers, who are playing at Kilby Court.

The Cave Singers are under the mainstream radar but are a skilled band that writes strong songs and harmonizes like angels. They're touring behind their February release "No Witch." Tickets are $10 and remain on sale.

Backing up a bit, there's a relatively rare chance Thursday night to see one of the best music films ever made on the big-screen when KRCL and Brewvies team up to show "The Last Waltz." For those who don't know, here's a brief rendition of the movie's backstory: The Band, one of the most influential American rock acts ever, called it quits after 16 years, eight in clubs, eight as a major act. Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm and Garth Hudson exited via a huge celebration/concert on Thanksgiving night 1976 at San Francisco's famed Winterland, a former ice skating rink. Stopping in to bid adieu was a calling card of rock music royalty: Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Dr. John and Joni Mitchell to name a few. For any rock fan, it's a must-see. Tickets remain on sale and start at $5 with a KRCL member card. Tickets are $7 sans card.

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