Two nice bits of food news: The word is out that the race is on and the liquor store axe may be stopped.

Semi-celebrity news first, right? So, our own Chow truck will be partnering with one of the trucks in the Great Food Truck Race as they all pass through Salt Lake this week. Seven food trucks are cooking their way from the West to the East Coast in a six-week race for a prize of $50,000 and a bite of Food Network fame.

Whoever sells the most food here gets to drive on to the next stop.

Be serious, though. The real draw here is host, hottie chef Tyler Florence.

SuAn Chow will be tweeting, facebooking and posting the trucks’—and maybe Tyler’s—location in SLC once the date and location is available to be released. Here's where to look: chowtruck@twitter, chowtruck@facebook and

(SuAn has faced lots of local regulatory challenges with her food truck—maybe this spotlight will help convince locals that food trucks can actually be good for local businesses and help revitalize downtown.)

And here's some good news for a change from the Utah Leg: According to FOX 13,  House and Senate leaders  "may be willing to sign off on a one-time $1.4 million appropriation to keep the stores in business – at least until next February."

They say Governor Herbert has already signed off on the plan, and that Senate President Mike Waddoups will "absolutely" okay it.

Forget the personal convenience—keeping the stores open will save the jobs of people who work in these stores, some of them for 20 to 30 years.

Calls for a toast, I'd say!