I feel like that's the kind of headline you'd see on Weekly World News, except they'd make it a four-eyed, opera singing, vampire fish or something.

But this is actually true and extremely cool. The Living Planet sent out a release today on their rare Anableps fish, which uses four eyes to see both above and below the water's surface.

The South American fish was just bred for the first time at the aquarium, and they're hopeful more babies are on the way because several more females seem pregnant—it takes about eight weeks for them to have a live birth.

The fish are born at 5 cm, but reach about 15 to 20 cm as adults within eight months.

"They're amazing looking fish and are definitely one of our most popular freshwater species here at the aquarium," said Angie Hyde, director of PR and marketing, in her press release.

But the fish aren't the only ones with offspring, new royal whiptail catfish, danube crested newts and ceacillians (rubber eels) are at the aquarium.

The baby fish will be on display at the aquarium starting April 29 and through May at the Bio-Facts Station.

The Living Planet is located at 725 E. 10600 South, Sandy. Click here for more info.

Add the four-eyed fish to the Living Planet's ever-growing list of unique creatures. Click here for the story on their green sea turtle that survived a shark attack just last year.