SUNDAY UPDATE: Just go here. Sounds like Heather's got the scoop. Of course, all these food truck drivers can change their mind on a dime, as we learned yesterday. I'm aiming for Hodge Podge and Devilicious, at least. We shall see. At least it's sunny!

The score so far: Food trucks 7, Malouf  2.5

We left the house at noon with high hopes, empty stomachs and a list of locations, expecting to nosh at at least 7 traveling food trucks before the day was over.

We got home just a minute ago, 4:50 pm, with cold toes and spinning heads, after having eaten a pork taco, half a grilled cheese and some fries.

I would have to say, I lost the Great Food Truck Race.

The plan was to start out by REI, where SLC’s own Chow Truck was supposedly anchoring a group of three visiting trucks: Roxy Grilled Cheese, Hodge Podge and Korilla. When we arrived, there were two long lines and one open food truck—Roxy’s quilted chrome door was closed tight, but the Chow Truck was turning out tacos. We strategically split into two groups, one in each line and settled in to wait with all the other twittering foodies.

An hour and a half later, it had snowed, sleeted, the sun had come out, the temperature had plummeted, and we still had no grilled cheese. Korilla and Hodge Podge never showed up; luckily for us, Chow Truck was efficiently turning out tacos. We ate a few to sustain us while we waited for Roxy—god, those are good tacos. I ate them before I remembered I should have taken a pic. But I was cold, see.

Meanwhile, Tweets were pouring in. From people at PetSmart who said the Lime Truck had still not opened and there was no place to park. From people at Rico’s Market, which was serving chips and salsa to the folks in line at Café con Leche, the Cubano and  coffee truck. From a friend who said that Korilla was at the Japanese Festival instead, and another who said Hodge Podge had decided to go to Liberty Park.

By the time we ordered, we were all pretty envious of the guys making the sandwiches—it looked like a more comfortable job than waiting in line for one.

















We ate the grilled cheese—one with guacamole and bacon, one with sharp cheddar and mustard, both on white bread 

—and our gorgonzola-topped rosemary fries in the car with the heater on.]

















And by the time we got to Rico Market, the sun was out. It looked like more fun, but the line was snailing so we just had a sip of the Cubano coffee and split.

I’m going to give it another go tomorrow—meanwhile, tell me about your day with the food trucks. So far, my impression is that SLC has the best.