Most Americans don't know why Cinco de Mayo is a celebration, or what it commemorates, but they celebrate anyway. Why? Because Mexican fiestas are irresistable - tequila! Tortillas! Mariachi! What's not to celebrate?

So here's where you can find your fiesta on Thursday.

Rico Catering will host a casual open house in the warehouse on with a $15 Rico taco buffet and a cash bar. The party goes from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Space is limited; RSVP to 801-463-6390.

The menu? Tacos al pastor with pineapple; fish tacos en achiote; Portobello tacos; shredded chicken tacos with creamy poblano and tacos alahambre with guacamole, salsas and tostados.

For a more formal Cinco de Mayo, Frida Bistro is offering a special $50, 4-course menu Thursday night and through the weekend. Call 801-983-6692.


Cheese Trio

Epazote, Guajillo and Huitlacoche Salsa

Course 2:

Arugula, Watermelon, Red Cabbage Salad with Fig Dressing.

Course 3:

Red Snapper with Grape Morita Chile salsa, Chayote, Cilantro & Cauliflower.


Crema de Puebla.