Watching the blended harmonies of The Head and the Heart swirl above and through the all-ages audience gathered on a packed concrete slab inside Kilby Court, it was pretty easy to think the Seattle folkies are already established stars.

One thing's for sure about the six-piece, they're almost assuredly on their way to earning more fans and selling more records, because musically, they're doing nothing wrong.

And the roughly 200 folks singing along with about half of the songs from the band's debut album smiled as if they were seeing the best show they'd see all year. And they might have been right.

Led by the vocals of Josiah Johnson, Jonathan Russell and Charity Rose Thielen, the band dazzled the crowd, which greeting the band with a huge cheer - during their soundcheck.

During the 65-minute set, songs such as "Ghosts," "Heaven Go Easy On Me," and "Sounds Like Hallelujah," and especially during the crowd fave "Lost In My Mind," it was easy to think this was a band with years of Salt Lake area shows under its belt and a well-developed audience. Well, they're not - not yet, anyway.

However, it's safe to say that when the group - newly signed to Sub Pop records - returns June 3 opening for Iron & Wine at the much bigger In The Venue, they'll have even more fans on hand.

The show was opened with two stellar sets by Utah's own Desert Voices followed by The Devil Whale.

Led by singer-songwriter Brinton Jones, The Devil Whale played a stirring, high-energy 50-minute set that proved they've been worthy openers for The Head and the Heart for the past few weeks as the bands wound their way up the Pacific Coast before heading east to Idaho and Utah.