We all know the weather in Utah can't make up its mind. "Don't like the weather in Utah? Wait five minutes, it'll change." That well-quoted and beloved phrase has never been more true in recent memory than this "spring."

We had a false spring a few weeks back. You all remember it: It was warm, sunny, in the 70s and 80s even, and then it ended with a nice healthy snowfall. The snow gave way to rain, the ground gave way to rain and the rivers gave way to rain. We've had a few sunny days since, but mostly, rain clouds have taken over our skies.

Utahns seem to be as fickle as the weather itself. Some want the snow to come back; they're not ready to let go of ski season quite yet. Some want summer to establish itself already so they can go hiking, biking, boating and whatever else it is that Utahns find to entertain themselves. One thing seems mutual: No one wants the rain any more.

Lets look at the positives, though: This year, it's next to impossible to have drought conditions in our state that are always prevalent. Everyone's favorite reservoirs might be able to recover some of the ground they've lost in past years. Farms will do better this year with the increased rainfall. All in all, our water stores will be improved.

Another positive effect to note is that we have been anticipating the flood warnings, and have pre-emptively started protecting homes by putting sandbags up. The floods that do occur in Utah are minor enough that we can do something about them. If you're ever feeling sorry for yourself because of flood conditions, turn the news on to what's going on out by the Mississippi. It could be a lot worse.

So don't worry about the weather. It's wacky, crazy and can't make up its mind, but it's something we're all well used to, living in Utah. Go dance in the rain and enjoy yourself; life is good.