While most of the staff was working at our final night of Tastemakers 2011 on Friday, I was at Utah's Entertainment and Choice Awards at the Salt Palace. It was an amazing honor to accept the Choice in Print Media Award on behalf of Salt Lake.

Thanks to every reader who voted for our pub to recieive this prestigious award. As I said in the mic when I got it, we have a very small staff and nothing we do would be possible without your support.

Other winners:

BYU b-ball stud Jimmer Fredette took home the Collegiate Award.

Utah idol David Archuleta and singer/songwriter/actress Debbie Gibson presented the Choice in Future Award to Chef Tom Woodbury.

And the most prestigious award of the night, the Lifetime Achievement Award, was presented via sattelite by Donny Osmond (and many others) to older bro Alan Osmond.

Alan Osmond accepting his lifetime achievement award. Quote of the night: "I may have MS, but MS does not have me!"

Click here to see the full list of the night's big winners (all very deserving of their award).

Highlights from the night:

Host Daniel Bernhardt entered the stage as his Matrix Reloaded character Agent Johnson. Awesome intro, great host. He was funny, too, with a script courtesy of one of my favorite local comedians, Wiseguys regular John Moyer.

The show started with another comedian, Jason Hewlett. Here's his (probably the only one) version of Guns n Roses featuring Marge Simpson.

Jimmer signed jerseys and b-balls for the silent auction, and I would have won them, too, if I didn't get jimmered by those meddlin' Cougars.

Local actress/Youtube star Deena Marie Manzanares (luckily, she makes better videos than I do) and me right before the event really got going. You'll see more of her in our Best of the Beehive issue.

Local actor Alexis Baigue also posed for my camera.

Can you tell which of these guys is Shawn Bradley? I wasn't too sure.

Every guy seemed to be after my date that night. First, White Rock Willie (Captain Jack's cousin) tried to steal her away.

I literally found out I was going to this event the same day it happened, since another staffer got sick. So, I didn't have time to get an outfit quite as nice as the guy on an ad for Beckett & Robb (one of the show's sponsors).

And of course I couldn't compete with action star Daniel Bernhardt.

The award itself was amazing. Engraved on the back so you can see the words in the front. Truly stunning and such an honor to receive it. If Salt Lake magazine editor Jeremy Pugh asks, they only gave out handshakes to the winners...because I think you'll agree, it looks pretty good above my fireplace.

Once again, a sincere thank you to all of our readers for this award. We'd also like to thank all of the presenters, organizers and the other nominees for their contributions to media in Utah and making this night possible.