With songs you probably know and love and some wonderful updates in honor of its 25th anniversary, Les Misérables is a very worthwhile outing during its current stay at the Capitol Theater.

Using the surreal, beautiful backdrops of imagery inspired by paintings from Victor Hugo - Les Misérables' author - the musical's highly talented cast worked its way through the witty, emotional songs that anchor the show.

Led by Ron Sharpe as Jean Valjean and Andrew Varela as Javert, the wonderful cast dazzled much of the audience during the nearly three-hour production - particularly on songs such as "One Day More," "Soliloquy" and "In My Life." Although the play is the same heartbreaking tale of endurance and triumph most of us are well-acquainted with, the songs retain their vibrancy.

Also, strong performances by Michael Kostroff as Thénardier and Shawna M. Hamic as Madame Thénardier really liven up the show - particularly during the hilarious "Master of the House," and "Beggars at the Feast." They're both perfectly contemptible in their roles as the sinister couple.

The only drawback to the evening was that the Capitol was so packed it got quite stuffy in the theater - particularly during the 90-minute First Act. Here's hoping the Capitol turns on the air a bit for future showings.

But overall, the show is well worth taking in - the finale inspired tears among some folks sitting on our row - and runs through June 5.

Visit http://www.newspaceentertainment.com/saltlakecity/les-misrables-salt-lake/ to see specific showtimes.