This Friday, The Living Planet Aquarium celebrates its seven year anniversary from 1 to 3 p.m., with educational opportunities for the kids to interact with the animals, 98 cent hot dogs and B98.7 playing top hits all day. The aquarium will be spotlighting rain forest creatures, so go and party like a sea star!

Here are even more reasons to be there this Friday:

I love the water, but I have a love/hate relationship with certain marine life. Like sharks, for instance. I know Shark Week on the Discovery Channel informs the public again and again about the truths on sharks, but I still find myself peering down into any body of water I am in, scared of what sea creature may suddenly decide my thrashing legs could make for a tasty snack.

The Living Planet Aquarium, like the Discovery Channel, is bent on educating people about marine life and the exotic animals that live in bodies of water. However, instead of watching events, the guests are able to have a hands-on experience with many of the animals that are housed in this aquarium.

The pool of stingrays is probably the biggest hit for both children and adults. Friday through Wednesday at 2 p.m. the visitors can feed the animals for $6 a ticket. Sign up fast, because they only allow 10 people per feeding, but it is the neatest experience at the aquarium. The stingrays flap their "wings" on the surface of the water, usually splashing unsuspecting viewers if they're not paying attention. As they take the morsel from your hand, it's like a vacuum is passing over your skin. The only words that describe the experience were slimy, squishy, and amazingly fun.

They also have the penguin encounters, which is $25 for non-members, $20 for members. If your pocket book can allow you to go, take the opportunity. They usually have better deals for members, which is actually the way to go. Visiting the aquarium can get rather pricey, but you get an amazing deal if you are able to visit more than twice a year.

There is always something educational going on at The Living Planet. Last time, we discovered the octopus can fit through a one-inch hole and were lucky enough to see him complete the task! Employees are also always showing off some sort of animal like a snake, frog or tarantula for the children to touch and learn about.