Provo Band Ficitonist takes the Stage Saturday at the Utah Arts Fest

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OK, you know the drill for the ArtsFest - do some early Christmas shopping while trying to feign a cutting-edge knowledge of contemporary art, start drinking beer whenever you feel like it, run into random friends and acquaintances you haven't seen since last year's ArtsFest and eventually wonder when you can see a good band.

That's where I come in - To help get you in front of the correct stage at the right time. And while it's pretty hard to make a tragic mistake, most of these groups are worth checking in for at least part of your time, here's just a few can't-miss musical events.

Ballet West - Thursday, 6:30 p.m., Festival Stage: Hey, if you're trying to appear cultured by browsing at art work all day, go the extra mile and take in some ballet - a relatively rare treat at the ArtsFest, as it's been 10 years since they've performed.

Sister Wives - Friday, 9:30 p.m., Park Stage: This infectious all-female band of local blues-rockers will fill the bill perfectly on the first weekend night of the festival. Be prepared to dance.

Fictionist - Saturday, 9 p.m., Park Stage: By now you know the story, this Provo-based rock outfit made it into the final four of Rolling Stone Magazine's cover competition. Find out why their music will make you want to go to Provo more often to see them and hope they begin playing more frequent gigs in Salt Lake.

Del McCoury Band - Sunday, 9:45 p.m., Festival Stage: Real bluegrass by a genuine bluegrass legend. In some parts of the country, being able to see such an act is common - not in Utah. Don't miss your chance. And even though it's late on a school night, Del's band is worth feeling lousy on a Monday.

Here's a clip of Del and the boys doing "Bluegrass Breakdown"



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