Goldilocks Capone and the Three Amigos is the new phenomena that the Desert Star Playhouse is currently performing from June 16 to Aug. 6. The play is the encounter of a favorite bedtime story meeting a classic Hollywood comedy. Although a seemingly strange union at first, a few of the lines left me smiling even after the performance came to a close.

The story of Goldilocks Capone and the Three Amigos begins with three actors, the amigos, who are looking for additional acting gigs. They soon come in contact with a Mexican family, the del Tacos, who ask them for help from the infamous Goldilocks Capone. Thinking they are being asked to put on a play, they eagerly agree, but are brought to the grave reality of their situation when they are shot at with real bullets by Goldilocks and her two sidekicks.

Fairytale character Goldilocks has grown up to become an antagonist, but still frequently lapses into her girlish childhood tendencies. She repeatedly taunted the crowd using common jibes you would hear at a playground. It was strange, and needless to say, a little creepy. However, despite a few awkward lines, Goldilocks, played by Mary Parker Williams, has real talent for entertaining and commanding attention.

Above all, the actors at Desert Star must be commended for their excellent improv. During the performance, a waitress dropped a laden tray of cups which drowned out the actors’ voices. Grandma del Taco (who was one of my favorite characters of the play, but oddly enough did not make the character list), looked out into the audience and said “Well, that’s tragic! Make sure you tip her extra…she’s having a hard night.” After that, the audience became part of the show, which made the experience more personable and fun.

Granny del Taco (played by a man) began dancing in the audience to the song “Hot Stuff", and a guy from the audience slipped her a dollar bill for her dancing, in which Granny brightened and said, “All right! I’ll take it!” and clambered back on stage.

This play has some funny lines, but you occasionally have to be familiar with some of the areas they are drawing from. Like most of their plays, they throw in a few Utah jokes that only those from Utah or those who have lived here for a good while would understand. So, bring a native Utahn when you see the show. They also draw from multiple movies, especially the Three Amigos, but even if you weren't familiar with the source, it still is fun and quirky.

Goldilocks Capone and the Three Amigos runs until Aug. 6.

The humor is definitely for adults, but the story is easy and fun for young kids to follow, which makes it an excellent opportunity for a family outing. Be ready to leave the play amused—and strangely craving Mexican food.