The Salt Lake Downtown Farmers Market is in full swing, at last. More than 100 regional growers participate in the market, plus food makers, bakers, mushroom gatherers, apiarists, coffee grinders and just about everything else you can think of.

And this year, the market is expanding its mission in an exciting way.

The Downtown Farmers Market is presenting a series of Farm Tours in partnership with Edible Wasatch. Each tour will focus on different aspects of local food production. The idea is to give you a greater understanding and a real behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to produce the foods you love. The series starts this month and goes through October.

And the message is clear: food is people. University of Utah communications student Abbie Crane was at the Market last weekend and snapped these pics of people and their products.

Like the Castle Valley Tomatoes pictured at the top and run by Felicia, Kim and Craig (not pictured). They're in Southern Utah, and are a year round operation, which explains the presence of tomatoes in the beginning of July.

Here's Chad, one of Market's most popular vendors; last week he had peas and onions, among other things.

Abbie snapped these gorgeous cherries at Tony's Produce; here's Tony himself, with Tina and Eric.

The first Farmers Market class/tour is focused on cheese and wine and will be July 20, 3-9 p.m.; tickets are $40. Patrons will meet at Caputo's Deli & Market (314 W. 300 South).

The wine and cheese tour begins with a overview of the cheese making scene in Utah, presented by Matt Caputo, with samples and wine. From Caputo's Market, a bus will drive participants to Eden, UT to visit Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery. At the creamery, cheeses will be paired with wines from local purveyor, Kiler Grove. The farm experience offers an insight into a farmstead dairy operation from the animals to the milking process to the cheese making panache.

Upcoming tours:

August 17: Fruit & Honey

There's tons of honey at the Farmers Market, from Slide Ridge to Artisan Honey from Prickley Rock Honey made by sisters  Randi Limb and Rebecca Remirez.

September 21: Veggie Pick & Pickle

October 19: Head to Tail BBQ

You get the picture: Meet the people and see the places behind the food you crave. For more information and registration, go here.